The Creative EQ (CEQ) is a fully hand-built, inductor based discrete equalizer using true 'Western Electric' era passive inductor design, along with a tailored active midrange cut circuit that adjusts not only frequencies but also the reactivity of sound.

All inductors are custom wound in house using 'powder core' toroids, and aren't available anywhere else. The selectable output transformer is sourced from a legendary 'rogue' winder from the 1960's who makes these uniquely for the CEQ.

The CEQ approaches equalization in a unique 'exploded' way while still using classic tried and true filter design topologies used in traditional 60's and 70's console and mastering equalizers.

An amazingly wide variety of tone can be accomplished rather easily - and while amazing while tracking, the CEQ was tuned in and optimized for placing on the stereo buss for 2-track mastering and the 'essence of the record' while mixing.


CEQ Factsheet and User’s Manual


**Contact us for information for wait list / ordering / customization and 'fully stepped' versions of the CEQ.


  • 6 Band EQ:
    • Treble Boost: 2.5k, 4.2k, 8k, 10k (low inductance), 10k (high inductance), 13.9k, 18k.(bell, variable Q);
    • 18k, 15k, 10k, 6k, 1k (shelf)
    • Treble Cut: 24k, 18k, 12k, 10k, 6k, 4k (shelf)
    • Mid Boost: 12k, 8.2k, 6.3k, 4k, 3k, 2.5k, 1.8k, 1k, 820, 680, 470, 310(bell)
    • Mid Cut: 8.2k, 6.3k, 4.5k, 3k, 2.1k, 1.3k, 1k, 820, 470, 260, 180 (bell, active, dynamic narrowing 'Q')
    • Bass Cut: 27hz, 50, 80, 140, 220, 480 (Pultec resonant shelf)
    • Bass Boost: 47hz, 70, 100, 160, 200, 340 (Pultec resonant shelf)
  • True 'Hardwire' Bypass switch
  • Fully discrete, through hole components for all amplifiers
  • Handwired, point to point passive inductor equalizer front panel section
  • Input Impedance > 10k, passive, single ended.
  • Output - selectable transformer balanced or 'single ended': both outputs drive 600 ohms to +20dBu, 10k to +24dBu
  • 'Classic' linear regulated power supply (transformer based), uses +/- 22v @ 2A